From a Grandma

The joys and anguish of having a grandchild with some neurological issues continues to be a process of discovery. I have so loved being Nate’s grandma, even as I have had to make adjustments and accommodations. Nate’s older brother jumped into life with both feet and our relationship was forged, in part, by my ability to climb the play equipment as his willing playmate. Nate entered life softer and his wants were less easily understood by me. Over the years he has become so patient  with helping me understand what he wants, even as I get so anxious at wanting to give him the right thing.
The journey is a winding one and yet such a gift. Nate helps me stay in the moment with him. He doesn’t  care what I am planning in my head for later in the day, he is in the moment. This is what so many of my mindfulness classes teach and yet Nate just knows. He continues to be a blessing as he also continues to be my teacher. Marci Nemhauser
Portland, OR


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