DDA’s Individual and Family Services Waiver

Portrait of an African American father hugging his sons.

If your son or daughter is a client of the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), they may be eligible to receive a broad array of services and supports through the Individual & Family Services (IFS) waiver. The IFS waiver has four different funding levels (determined by assessed need): $1,560, $2,340, $3,120, $4,680.

Family Income is Not Considered.

After an assessment determines level of need, a financial eligibility determination is made based on the individual’s income*, not the family’s. In addition to IFS services, clients on the IFS waiver will be eligible for Apple Health/Medicaid health care.

*DDA clients who have resources in their name in excess of $2,000 may not be eligible for the IFS waiver.

IFS Waiver Services Include:

Call DDA and request IFS services or use the new online Information & Service Request form.

Service Request & Information Line for individuals on DDA’s No Paid Services Caseload:

Region 1
Spokane: 800-319-7116
Yakima:  866-715-3646

Region 2
Seattle: 800-974-4428
Everett: 800-567-5582

Region 3
Tacoma: 800-735-6740
Olympia: 888-707-1202

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