Local Leadership Project Making Waves

“Going into the program I was very apprehensive and didn’t have the
confidence that my voice would be heard. Kelly Church and Shayne Nagel,
along with the rest of the amazing staff at the ARC, put my mind at ease
immediately and I knew that I was meant to be in this program. And now I
know my voice will be heard.”

—Diane Perry, Local Leadership Project Participant
Diane Perry testifies in support of SB 6387 to benefit families without services

The Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council’s Local
Leadership Project has been educating and mentoring parent leaders since
2000, but sometimes it takes a little bit of news, like this HearaldNet Guest Commentary, to really drive home the point that empowered parents make a big difference.

Read on to learn how one parent stepped up to help advocate for thousands of families on the DDA No Paid Services Caseload.


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