Making the Most of a Remote Assessment

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During this COVID-19 health emergency, the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) is conducting assessments by phone or secure video conferencing. For those who choose, an in-person (face to face) assessment can still be requested.

What to expect

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A week before your scheduled assessment, your Case Resource Manager (CRM) will confirm your choice of remote options: phone, Zoom or Skype.

They will send you the following documents by email (or mail, if you don’t have email):

  • Instructions for Zoom or Skype (if you choose that option)
  • Assessment Questions
  • Support Intensity Scale (SIS) Rating Key


During the assessment, you and your CRM will:

  • Review the previous years’ service plan.
  • Complete voter registration.
  • Complete the Goals and Plans screen, or My Page document.

Even though this is an assessment, it is also a conversation. If you don’t understand something, ask. Make sure your input is heard and your words reflected back to you.

If you are helping someone with their assessment, please help ensure that their interests, goals, and preferences are expressed and included in their service plan.

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As part of your assessment, your CRM will complete an in-person visit that lasts 15 minutes or less.

Your CRM will follow all safety protocols, including wearing a mask and other protective equipment.


  • For a video assessment: Don’t put off reading instructions for installing video software and log in information.
  • For a phone assessment: Use a speaker if there is more than one person at your end of the call so that everyone can participate.
  • Read the questions ahead of time. If you are helping someone with their assessment, have more than one conversation about their goals and support needs at home and in the community.
  • If you (or the person you support) have difficulty with speech, talk to your CRM about the best way to answer questions. For example, if you are using Zoom, can you type your answers into the chat box?


Making the Most of a Remote Assessment (PDF)

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