Wildfire Prevention and Food Benefits

From the Developmental Disabilities Administration

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Wildfire Prevention

Wildfires may cause people to evacuate their homes or be without power for days.

Read the Developmental Disabilities Administration Care Provider Bulletin on having a plan in place for protecting persons you support and yourself when fire danger exists.

Wildfires and Food Replacement Benefits

DSHS can replace food lost in a natural disaster. To qualify, the food must have been purchased with DSHS food assistance benefits, and the loss must be reported to the department within ten days of the loss. DSHS can only replace the value of the amount of food lost up to the household’s monthly allotment.

For information about wildfire updates, emergency housing, and other state and federal resources, see Governor Inslee’s website.

For benefit replacement information, contact the Community Services Division customer service center at 1-877-501-2233.

Individuals receiving services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration may contact the Long Term Care Specialty Unit at 1-855-873-0642.


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